Welcome to KAN

We go beyond traditional Glamping. KAN is not just an agency; it's a promise of excellence. With an extensive network, we have crafted a concept that addresses a spectrum of needs – from the simplest to the most sophisticated, the smallest to the grandest. Our commitment begins with an unwavering dedication to exceptional quality.

Why KAN 



Premium Suppliers

Quality is non-negotiable at KAN. We exclusively collaborate with suppliers offering top-tier, high-end products. From tents to tiny houses, every element we use reflects our commitment to luxury and durability.


Clef en main

We don't just provide tents; we deliver complete, ready-to-use Glamping solutions. The KAN experience is "Clef en Main" – from selecting the perfect tent or tiny house to crafting the decor, arranging the space, and attending to the minutest details. It's not just a tent; it's a fully curated, turnkey service.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our team of artisans is not just skilled; they are artisans of luxury. Every project receives a meticulous touch, ensuring a high-end finish on all levels. We believe in creating spaces that not only meet expectations but exceed them.


Partnerships for Perfection

Collaboration is at the heart of KAN. We partner with experts in every field, ensuring that our clients receive the best in every aspect. From furnishings to amenities, we work with professionals who understand our commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury tailored to our clients' tastes.


Luxury Creators

At KAN, our journey is not just about creating luxurious glamping experiences; it's a testament to the vision and values of our founders, Jean Eric and Michael. With a lifetime dedicated to the fashion and textile industry, they ventured into the world of KAN, driven by a passion for sustainability, nature, human connections, slow living, and craftsmanship.

Meet Our Founders:

Jean Eric:
With a rich and fulfilling career in the fashion and textile sector, Jean Eric brings a keen eye for design and aesthetics to KAN. His commitment to sustainability and slow living is evident in every project we undertake.

Having navigated the intricacies of the textile industry, Michael's expertise lies in creating spaces that harmonize with nature. His dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every KAN experience is infused with a touch of authenticity and quality.

The KAN Philosophy:

Values We Stand By:
KAN is not just a business; it's a reflection of the values held dear by our founders. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment to tread lightly on the Earth. Our appreciation for nature is woven into the fabric of KAN, and every project we undertake is a celebration of slow living.

Human Connections:
At the core of KAN is a belief in the power of human connections. Jean Eric and Michael envisioned a space where people could reconnect with nature and each other. Every Glamping experience we curate is designed to foster meaningful connections in a world that often moves too fast.

Why KAN?

Because We Share Your Values:

Sustainability: Our commitment to the environment is unwavering.
Nature: Immerse yourself in the beauty of natural surroundings.
Human Contacts: Rediscover the joy of genuine human connections.
Slow Living: Embrace a pace of life that allows you to savor every moment.
Craftsmanship: Experience the artistry and dedication in every detail.

Join us at KAN, where our founders' passion for sustainability, nature, human connections, slow living, and craftsmanship come together to redefine glamping. It's not just an escape; it's a journey into a world crafted with care and aligned with values that matter.

What sets Us  Apart ?

Unmatched Quality

We prioritize excellence in every detail.

Tailored Luxury

Our Services cater to diverse needs with a touch of sophistication.

Personalized Solutions

Our team is dedicated to providing a high-end finish.

Turnkey Solutions

Enjoy hassle-free Glamping with our end-to-end services.

At KAN, we don't just create Glamping spaces; we craft experiences that linger in your memory. Join us in redefining luxury outdoor living with KAN – where every moment is exceptional.

Our Partners

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